My PAT Testing equipment

As C&G 2377 qualified PAT tester, Im using only high quality PAT Tester and Portable Appliance Testing Equipment. Main components are listed below:

- Seaward PrimeTest 100 PAT Tester:

The PrimeTest 100 is a functional and diverse manual PAT tester. Featuring three operational modes, it is an ideal choice for those looking for an easy to use, electrical safety tester. Simply pushing a button will give you the option of PAT Test mode: Class I and II, IEC Lead test mode or Power Socket mode. PrimeTest 100 is the fastest, most compact PAT Tester available, providing accurate measurements of Earth Bond, Insulation, Leakage and mains outlet condition.

- CEM CEM DT-2G Sensitive Microwave Leakage Leak Detector:

It is important to regularly check for possible leakage from Microwave Ovens in the workplace. Not only can excessive leakage be a problem for staff, it can be of particular danger to expectant mothers. Microwave leakage detector can be used to verify any leakage from Microwave Ovens within a few minutes. Range: 0- 9.99 mW/.cm2

- Safety Socket Tester for UK 3 PIN 13A Mains Power Plug:

I can check all new and existing mains installations with this tester. If everything is OK all three indicators light up. Other sequences warn of specific problems such as Live and Neutral reversed, no Earth, etc. - PAT testing, computer and laptop repair, Cornwall, Liskeard Cornwall - Holiday in Newquay - static caravan to rent, holiday house in Newquay, Cornwall